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Does beard growth oil really work?

First of all, thank you, everybody, for landing here, if you want to know about beard growth oil then you are at right place.

Beard is an evergreen trend, it’s never going to vanish. Beard is a trend that’s why people’s are curious to know more and more about beard and beard style. But there are also some people exists who are not able to grow the beard that’s why they continuously search how to grow a beard.

In craziness for beard people took some wrong steps knowingly or unknowingly.

So here in this article, I am going to clear myth about beard growth and beard growth oil. So let’s start

Beard growth oil works or not??-

Before getting into beard growth oil Let me clear you Actually how beard growth works.

how beard growth works There is a favorite quote for beard growth –

“Grow what your father gives you”

Beard growth totally depends upon your Genetics and your body growth, there is no medicine to start beard growth. Science has developed many alternatives for the growth of head hairs but still, there is no method for facial hair or beard.

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Is Beard growth oil works?

Yes! But for those who already have a beard. As I told you earlier that nothing is available anywhere that start your beard growth, it totally depends upon genetics. Now the question is, “what is the role of beard growth oil?”

Role of beard growth oil-

Beard Growth oil only provides the ideal environment on your face for hair growth. So here are the following things beard growth oil helps in-

1.Remove itching of beard.

  1. Moisturized the beard.
  2. Smooth and shiny- Nobody like the rough beard, not even the girls. Beard growth oil makes your beard smooth and shiny.
  3. Provide an ideal environment for your skin to grow faster.
  4. It fills the patches of beard- Most of the people are facing this problem.

patchy beard

As you see in the image patches on the chicks. This will help you to fill the patches.


Again I am telling this is not going to work for those who don’t have beard right. It will only help those who have the beard already.

What it contains?

Beard growth oil is a mixture one or more ingredients like jojoba oil, argan oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, hempseed oil that are used for beard problem such as itching, dryness or sensitive skin by going to follicle directly. Some brands of beard growth oil contain added vitamin E.

(you can apply jojoba oil directly to your skin where facial hair grow)

When to use beard growth oil-

It is the most asked question about beard growth oil. There is a misconception that applies only when your beard is fully grown ( 1 or 2-month beard)  but this is not true. You can use when you started having small facial hair.

Most of the people say that use beard growth oil in the night only but that also not true. Use it just after the shower.

How to use beard growth oil-

First, wash your beard with beard cleaner or water. As you know winter is going on so use warm water, make sure water should not be too hot water remove natural oil from your skin.  Cold water also not good(this is another topic we will cover later). Be strategic while going to your wash face. So better is to use Luke warm water.


After washing, dry your beard with towel or dryer. Make sure no water drop left on beard.

After this apply it, don’t use excessively just nourish it. After applying use wooden comb for combing because using plastic comb can cause broken of beard hair.

How to grow a beard naturally? (for those who don’t have beard)-

As I mentioned before in this article no medicine, n oil can start your “Beard” because it depends upon genetics and body growth, but there are some chances that can start your no medicine. It’s a natural way.

Here are the steps to follow –

Step: 1 Change your diet structure

To start your beard growth you need to change your diet because In some manner diet is responsible for our body growth.

This diet is not going to harm you in any way whether it’s your body or head hair or any other body part.

Here is the diet-

Lean meat, eggs, milk. And beans, these foods are the rich source of protein that’s why it will boost your facial hair growth.

Egg for beard growth

Also add broccoli, walnuts, fish, carrots, and citrus in your eating list that will support healthy facial hair growth.

Step: 2 Increase testosterone levels-

Well here is a big contradiction between experts because some experts believe that testosterone level is not a factor for beard growth and other experts believe totally opposite of this.

Symptoms of low testosterone level-

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Infertility
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Development of breast tissue

If you are facing these issue then you must consult the doctor.

Here is one thing you can do by yourself is to do the workout, spend time in the gym.

Do  Bench presses, deadlifts, squats, and rows, these exercises help you to boost your testosterone levels sharply.

Step: 4 Protect your skin and keep it moisturized –

When you do exercise more regularly to increase testosterone and beard growth, but that time you increase sweating and skin irritation.

To eliminate this use some moisturizer after every shower you take.

The moisturizer will help you to make your irritated skin more soft, supple, and smooth.

Once you notice that the hair is improving, do not stop using it. You can also use beard growth oil instead.


In short –

  • Reduce stress.According to some research stress cause hair loss.
  • Get plenty of rest.The better sleep you get, the better your health.
  • Don’t smoke.It causes hair loss.
  • Take care of your skin. Better skin condition helps grow facial hair fast.
  • Eat a healthy diet. Your body gets what you eat so healthy your diet makes you able to grow more facial hair.

Do Beard supplement work?-

Well, I will not recommend it because supplement also harms in the same or another way. It’s better to go naturally. I have already mentioned some ways to grow beard naturally.


Conclusion: Beard growth oil only work when you have the small or full beard and this is not for those who don’t have the beard. Here is one more truth that beard oil and beard growth oil is the same thing. But some big brand market it as a growing beard magical oil.

So it’s better not to be in the trap, read about everything before buying anything.


I hope you will like this article. I tried to cover everything if I missed something, let me know in comments.

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